It’s Monday! What are YOU Reading?

I had a lighter week of reading due to our college rodeo in Fort Collins this weekend. However, I still got my hands on lots of literature. See below to learn more!

Shared Reading Opportunities:

I read a couple of picture books this week, including the New York Times Bestseller, Interrupting Chicken, by David Ezra Stein and All Around Us, by Xelena Gonzalez. Interrupting Chicken would surely set a class of Kindergarteners to giggling for its silliness and predictable storyline. It was a great brain break for me, as well. All Around Us really impressed me. The illustrations blew me away while the story was profound for even an adult to consider, yet simple enough to share with even the youngest of students. It also covers some cultural themes within its covers, as the author explores her heritage being a mestizo (of Native and Mexican descent).

Walking is a Way of Knowing was in the YA Lit section of the library, but had a lot of traits of a picture book, minus the extended text. It was a culturally fascinating read. The illustrations were very striking and detailed, which added to the overall experience of the book.


Independent Reading:

I chose to pick up I am not your Perfect Mexican Daughter to cover my We Need Diverse Books bingo slot. Unfortunately, I have since abandoned the book. The culturally-driven and contemporary novel seemed interesting to me at first, but I could not get past the voice. It felt like I was reading a text message in which the sender was smack-talking somebody constantly. It could possibly relate more to teenagers, but I got such negative energy from the beginning of the book. Additionally, I felt like the author gave everything away in the first twenty pages and I didn’t need to continue reading to get the gist of it. Sadly, I might miss out on the better parts of the book, but I wasn’t going to stick with it just in case it “picked up later.”


Instead, I picked up an author I know and love, Rick Riordan, bringing me his Norse mythological fantasy story, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard to fulfill my fantasy bingo square. I really loved the Greek mythological tales of Percy Jackson, so I’m interested to see if I can be equally as intrigued by this series. Stay tuned! magnus.jpg

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